Monday, January 3, 2011

Bid you farewell

Class Graduation Trip Day 6

I slept very late the night before. Because everyone was syok-sendiri-ing. So I got high with them! hahaha. The next morning we planned to visit the beach. Oh no, it was super difficult for me to wake up that early morning until Jessie suddenly said : shu ping, do you want to have fun with us later? then I replied her in a sleepy tone : yes. after a second, I quickly jumped up while everyone was ready to go! oh nooo, I overslept quickly got myself ready and the girls waited for me hehe so good of them ♥

As usual, walked to the beach and honestly, the beach was not so clean and the sand was very rough. ew. -,- but with friends, I still had fun there lah :)

Janice's superly beautiful handwriting ♥

quite leisure there and took a group picture ♥

I like this picture jiawei had taken. the dog was sooo good like posing to let him take picture XD

I seriously got nothing to do then jia wei passed me his camera and asked me to take pictures. alright, the guys were playing beach volleyball so I just simply took some.

later, I joined the game too! hahahaha. I like volleyball game but I suck in it. :P

hahaha personally like this picture because you see weeminn so funny!!!!

by Janice thank you ♥

then I forgot who suggested to dance on the beach! hahaha, soooo just get up and dance!!!! ♥

of course, our popular graduation performance!

look at jessie and I  XD

final pose ♥

We went back to the apartment after that because we had to catch up with the time. Quickly took a bath and everyone was wearing class t-shirt! oh yea, I love class t-shirt! ♥ hehehe. Meei Huey was so desperate to go visit the Toy Museum so alright, here we go Toy Museum!

There were lots of toys and anime thingy inside but honestly, I didn't really know them I just knew some disney characters and princesses. hehehehe. I am a disney fan!!!! but I love kungfu panda! because it looked soooo like ahboon so we asked ah boon to pose like him! ohhhh so cute! ♥

ballerina barbies ♥


um, I forgot what's this already haha! :P but look, the blue guy's hand was on my shoulder! nice pic!

yee mun and I ♥

hahahaha khoon kheng and jia wei's down syndrome side :P

and I loveeeeeee Stitch Aloha! ♥

then we got back to the bus and started our journey back to Klang. in the bus, we played CHEAT! hek hek hek!

Stopped by in Ipoh to buy someeeeeeee tu chan, and took pictures there ♥ we were about to separate so it was kinda sad.

oliviang and I ♥

pretty elaine with me ♥

my vanessa da jie and I ♥

cutie meei huey with me ♥

two ju xie nan ah boon and jia wei :)

zhi xiang wanted to picture with me and he suggested us to do a N which stood for Nuffnangers but the guys around heard it and did it together hahaha so funny! :P

zhi xiang bu gan yuan must got a single picture ♥

zhang yik my superb bro ♥

eric my superb sister! har har ♥

with yann herng and eric ♥

yann herng and I ♥

group picture ♥

I like this picture alot! hehehehe. jessie and ahboon were like having their secret and talking very happily but neng was like didn't know anything then his face was so blur! get me? LOL XD

stopped by at the rest station, I had baskin robbin mint choc ice-cream! ♥

group picture in the bus haha! ♥

everyone was so kelam kabut that time, because we were about to reach Klang. Picture of ah boon and I ♥

alright, lots of things happened when we were about to reach our school, no, our ex-school. haha! people were crying when we bid each other farewell. Oh no I couldn't stand situation like this so I cried too! hahaha that ah boon was cute, he cried until sooooooooooooooo funny I didn't know how to describe alright. and he said : wo ah ma si de shi hou dou mei you ku dao zhe yang can! get me? XD hahaha! we hugged each other and kiss goodbye. It was sad but I was like this - :')

Tracy purposely came to meet us one ♥ I love her!

well, there we ended our 6 days 5 nights graduation trip and I learned alot from here and I really had fun with the buddies! I didn't know how to desribe my love for them it was a friendship love thing :) All of them were so kind to me oh of course, to each other and although we had things like gang here and gang there but it was okay it didn't really matter because we are still one 5S1. We can get along very easily and this is the thing I like the most about them. They are cute and adorable ♥

I will never forget all of you! Do keep in touch and I LOVE YOU ♥

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