Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Steamboat ♥

Went for a steamboat that day in the evening :) 

This is what we called 李宗伟运动!:P


Sadly, ah boon couldn't do it. 

Jia wei's retarded face! hahahaha! 


It was a dinner so I didn't really take many pictures. 


Let's get started ♥ 

the fried lala mihun was not bad ♥ 

Jia wei was like so impressed by the long noodles -,- haha!




zhangyik and tracy, 

by the way, don't ask me about anything because I don't know anything. haha you know what is the thing that I am mentioning -,-


The buddies ♥ 

Ah boon with Tracy when she was still here :) 

That dinner was awesome. ♥ 


Back to college, um, today is a relaxing day. Love it ♥ haha! Um, calculus - well, the syllabus is getting harder man and my brain is like functioning few seconds later than the others. So, I am quite pek cek in class but overall, I still can cope till now. You know, now we are doing how dy/dx be formed. In high school, we were doing it in a simple way and now we need to know why we will have dy/dx. omg damn confusing man. Actually is still okay but some algebras are really hard to be solved. -,- *pening kepala* 

English is great today, because we have NO ASSIGNMENTS! That's the best thing after all :) And one thing, I regret telling Miss Thava that she can call me Adeline and now she remembers my name. omg -,- You know, today she calls the people who have english name but she doesn't really remember those with chinese name! omg I shouldn't have told her!!!! hahaha! Sad case. Business, as boring as ever. haha, need to cope with the textbook already. study pleaseeee!

When I am on my way to the KTM station at LCS, omg I feel so terrified man. A motorcyclist with his face covered, I have no idea why he covers his mouth and nose with a scarf, he just looks like those burglars you know. omg he is freaking scary so I try to avoid him already. Shitty, he sees me and I thought nothing will happen but he stops and stares at me. wth doesn't he know that staring at people is rude!? fine, I let him stares and I walk like super duper fast away. I walk past him, I thought I can reduce my velocity already. Who knows, when I turn my head, wtf he turns his head to his another side and keeps staring at me @@ disaster, I feel so damn awful and it's scary! I quickly turn into shop lots and finally he moves his motorbike at the junction! damn him. Gahhhhhhhhhh. 

Thank GOD for another good day :)

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