Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CNY Gathering ♥

Ah well, if I haven't forget again, I think this was a gathering with the beloved old classmates at ah boon's place :) 

Ignore my really messy hair because I just finished my ballet class :( 

Happy to see them! :) Yin scene, suyee, jia wei, eric, thuan song, ah boon, wee minn, zhangyik, khoon kheng, kian siang 

and TRACY :D 

I really really missed the moments with you guys :) 


Oh well, I am really tired today. Not going to tell my grandma story anymore :) hehe. But, I have a good news! which is, I COMPLETED MY IMPROMPTU ESSAY! :D heh heh heh. The title is "write about the negative stereotypes about your race that hold true". Okay, chinese, you know what I write about. :) hehe! 


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