Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Friends are sweet ♥

This was that day when I dozed off in the train and I missed my station. :\


Luckily it was just one station after my actual station so I called up my aunt to fetch me here, 


Well, college is fine today :) you know, when kai lin knows that I meet with a guai shu shu yesterday, she is so worried and insists me to go back with her. lol, how sweet of her :) I'm fine, don't worry! 

 Calculus, well, getting harder but still manageable, is just that I need to be really really careful to get the answers right. hehe. English, more assignments to come and so sien man -,- I finally speak something in class today! congratz to me :P haha! Business, yea, got another assignment for business but I don't like business so I have no idea how to do but LUCKY ME, my groupmates are all majoring in business so I assume that they are the pros ;) hehe! *don't have to worry ngek ngek* 

Promotion week for clubs is held this two days. And I am wondering which club should I join and be active in. I want to join tennis, dance club, backpack club, malaysia travelling society and society of performing arts. what ya think? hahaha, but for academic purpose and my future, I think I should join toastmasters - a public speaking and speech club. I should learn how to speak anyway, my language sucks. haha! 

My stomach is suffering today. I have breads and raw brocolli accidentally for breakfast today. ish. Then for my half an hour break I have egg mayo sandwich. For lunch I have subway veggie delite sandwich and when I  get home I have another lavender bread. DAMN, breads all day long. Eng seng is right about me, I should go to Italy, then I will feel normal having breads for every meal! haha :D 

I think I am having bread face sooner or later :S

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