Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday blues

Oh well, it's Monday again. *sob*

Tell you what happened this evening. :(

I was supposed to catch the 7pm bus to ktm. Kay lah, I got up the bus stating going to LCS then I sat inside for so long until the bus finally moved. But this time around, the driver took a different way, not to LCS I confirmed. Fine lah, I was still chilled because I thought maybe eventually he would go to LCS. Who knew, when we reached Ridzuan, all the people in the bus got down except for me and another girl, Joanne and I hadn't notice that yet.

Then Joanne turned around and asked where was I heading, I told her KTM she was like "HUH KTM?" I didn't say anymore so both of us kept quiet in the bus. Until when I turned around, woah the whole bus was empty except for the three of us (including driver lah). I quickly asked her about our direction and she said, yea she was going to pyramid and the bus would not pass by menteri court or whatever LCS. ALAMAKKKK.

Fineeee, she was a really nice girl :) She was worried about me alone with the driver in the bus, so I got down at pyramid with her. Thank you :))) I was thinking of taking the mini bus to KTM since the fare was cheaper but that stupid bus driver said the bus broke down. what lah, got to spend money to take the cab. The cab driver somemore told me that because the traffic was really jam so he had to charge me rm15!!!! what da hell, fine. I said okay and let him earn the money. lol. I just wanted to go home.

But okay lah, the driver still knew how to speak. He said "where are you studying?" "Taylor's" "ohhhhh, you look so damn young man, I thought you are only 15 or 16 -,-" Hellooo, I sudah 18 loh. BUT, WAS GOOD TO BE SO YOUNG :PPP hahahahaha!


Oh well, SPM results will be released on Wednesday! WEDNESDAYY!!!!! It's two days after today. :O *gasp* I hope I did well. xoxo :)


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