Thursday, March 3, 2011

Appreciate every moment


had snogurt at college with kai lin and Alyssa for the first time :) hehe! and they were yummy! 

This was mine and it looked ugly but edible of course hehe!

kai lin seemed to have more sense of art because hers was so pretty :) hehehe! yummy flavours!

It was quite expensive but still cheaper than yogurt at tuitti fruitti. 


Well, I feel so sad reading Jil's blog. It's really sad. But I believe that she is much stronger than I have thought. :) She can stand up on her own sooner or later. Before this, I am about to write a status of "the worst thing to do everyday is open up my eyes early in the morning to go to college" but, now I think that it's a beautiful thing to do. I am lucky because I am still breathing. I am lucky because I have everything which is sufficient for me to have a good life. I am lucky because I have sweet people and good friends with me :) and for kai lin, I am really sorry to hear about the news. :( *May she rest in peace* 

College is fine today :) Calculus - more confusing yet actually-very-easy maths to do. and I have an assignment to submit tomorrow, so I better not procrastinate again. duh. haha! Business - gosh, I daydream in class today! Lesson today is about business IT thingy and I really don't like it. I just know how to turn on the computer and go online. haha! Well, I really need to cope with the class already. and thank God that Mr.Chuah postpones our first test, which means that I have more time to read up my textbook. gah I better get started or else x.x!

Stay back for group discussion and I think I am real useless in my group. lol I provide no sensible ideas, and my understanding sucks till the max. x.x gotta work harder I guess. haha!

*po pi po pi* 

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