Friday, March 4, 2011

There'll be a surprise everyday, if you notice.

One day, I was so surprised, for that I received a dedication from Shin Hui :) 

It really made my day and Thank you very much sweetie :) ♥ It's really nice of you. 


and thanks for the wishes :) 


well, I am really a lucky person because although not everyone likes me, I still have really sweet people around me, who care for me more than I care for myself. Thank you! :)

College today is good. When I reach the campus, kai lin and I quickly go to read up the english passages in the library. Then I go for my calculus class. I am early today, when I walk in the classroom, only Amar is sitting alone there. haha! Submit my Assignment 1 and I feel so good :) hehe! For english, well, I thought Miss Thava is about to check our works but she doesn't! hahaha, that's a great thing, and normal too. I should havae thought of that and sleep earlier last night. To complete the stupid boring readings, I slept at 3am last night! Ughhhhhhhhh, need to get somemore sleep later. :( panda eyes are getting serious. and I would want to share a really meaningful and true passage with you guys. The title is - THE WAYS WE LIE. The facts the author mentions are so so so so so damn true and I feel kinda heartache reading that. Because you know, I just came out from betrayals and lies and hard stuffs. Damn agree with the author anyway! :)

Stay back for preparing the yellow ribbons for the Health Campaign next Wednesday with Tzyy Yee. And super thanks to Maygee, Alyssa, Kai Lin and Shea Wen for helping :) you guys are really awesome man! hehehe. Then at 3.30pm, go for a debate between presidents of ADP student council. We have PIE, US, Cheerokees, One voice one pride and democraft I think? I don't really remember :x lol! I think we will have to vote on next Monday :) hehe! Then, take the ktm home with kai lin at 5PM! what a stupid timing, the train is like so fully packed and I am like squeezing in the sardine so kang kor :(

Well, I join Dance club, Society of Performing Arts, Photography club, Toastmaster and CKI. I might be joining volleyball and Be_ADP :P hehehe I sound greedy huh. but of course, I am not going to participate in everyone of them. I will choose. hehe! and be very active in one of them *I hope I can* and the more important thing is that, I hope they will be fun! :)

Gah, gotta go to bed now. I'm so lack of sleeps. :( Good night!

well, I heard about the news and I am really shocked. 
I just hope that you have made a right choice for yourself
and good luck :) I will be supporting you no matter what. 

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