Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Moments ♥

Well, it was a day at tracy's place. I really missed those moments with them :)

so, Ray suggested to play some kind of games I forgot what actually :P I just remembered that we needed to throw two dices to determine what was the word and how we should express the word. er, something like that. ♥

saw my awful knee? it was still not recovered yet. :\ and now, I have a scar. :(

the groups : wee minn and I (boo sama us XD), en and eric, ah boon and zhangyik, ray and tracy :) ♥

We really killed lots of time by playing that, hehe.

discussing bla bla bla :) ♥

okay, I needed to close my eyes while drawing to express the word. er, still something like that. My memory is really really bad honestly. 

Yay, and we had the NUMBER ONE TEAM. the top two in kwang hua, shi zhi ming gui lah :) ♥

Group pic: me, wee minn, ray, en, zhangyik, eric, ah boon, tracy and neng :) ♥

Tracy made pretty pizzas for her family ♥ can you seeeeee the temptating cheese????

and tracy also helped neng to bake a carrot cheese cake for his dad because it was his birthday :) ♥

so neng must at least do something. He drew the words then, :) 

see, how sweet of him haha! *but in the end, momo still wins :P* inside joke. 


College is getting tougher and tougher and I am getting more stressful and stressful. NEVER ENDING STRESS. Calculus is pretty fine today, I still love it very much :) Luckily there is maths in this world if not I'll die of don't know what to study already. haha! English, die die die. So much works to do and I don't know where I should start. Business, sien sien sien. It's still so damn boring until like during the one hour class, I am actually daydreaming for that 45 minutes. I don't know how much I absorb into my mind.

Take the ktm home with Sue Quen today :) we have a good chat though. hahaha, be happy girl! ♥


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