Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Valentine

One day before valentine's day. 

Apparently, I straightened my hair. I was so afraid that it would look even uglier than before but I think it was okay, not much different :) 

what do you think? ;\


Chilled at Starbucks with the family until late at night

I assumed that this was my valentine's present from mom! hahaha. Mom bought me a new pair of earrings finally! I could get rid of my stupid scary earrings which I had worn for like a month after I first had my ear-piercing. 

It was a pair of butterflies, okay? :) the sales person and my sister and a friend chose it for me. 

alright, it was really straight at the beginning but now, I think it had been three weeks already and I think it was going back to my stupid messy shape. :\ it was really hard for me to take care of. 


Valentine's day, which was the first day of my school. woah, the whole campus was surrounded by LOVE. You know, wherever I went, there would be girls holding flowers, balloons, chocolates and etc. So sweet man and I was like having my lunch alone so there was a huge contrast in the restaurant on this very stupid day. 

Surprisingly, I got something for valentine haha! 

Pretty? okay they were yummy! hahaha! 

A gift of friendship, thank you 


One day after valentine was a public holiday! A HUGE YAY! hahaha! I love holiday man :) so went for some badminton with the buddies but I didn't play because I had muscleache. 

Picture with my beloved tracy, miss her though 


neng and jiawei playing badminton. the guys just kept playing so I couldn't tahan already because I was too hungry so tracy accompanied me to have my breakfast at the cafe. the food was awful. alright, I would say that it was okay, got improvement at least.

and this Mr.Leow was so busy talking on the phone with his momo. lol! Eric said that, in his life dictionary, there are only two words, MA and MO so his phone calls are either from MAMA or MOMO. lol! 

Went to Aeon after that :) 


Today is a good day I have to say :) Nothing is going super wrong and I am really glad. You know, this is the first time I feel so good after I start my stupid college life. Calculus - hmmmm, things are getting tougher and Amar who is sitting beside me keeps shaking his head and sighing in stress. haha! he's so cute lah! Until now, I still don't have tough assignments for calculus so, still loving it :) hehe. English - lesson today is fine :) we have group work for this two weeks and I love it! hahaha, because usually in a group, I will have so many superb and intelligent people to work with me and I am really glad that I don't have to squeeze my brain juice to figure things out. But obviously I am the laziest person in the group. Therefore, I volunteer myself to help Miss Thava to cut the ribbons for the cancer awareness campaign with Tzyy Yee :) 

And a really funny thing happens in class today. The other group is doing about oral sex and cancer so I have no idea what's oral sex so I ask the girl beside me "what's oral sex?" then so badly, Miss Thava hears and the whole group bursts into laughter. lol! XD *no face* hahahaha! Business - yay, submit my assignments already and I feel super relieved :) hehe! and the class is very boring like usual. When I turn to look at kailin she is actually half sleeping! because she closes her eyes but I know she's not sleeping and when she opens her eyes, her eyes are obviously still half-closed! haha. 

Stay back for group discussion today :) have lunch with Alyssa, Kailin and Zhiying before that. I have a good lunch - Hawaiian Chicken Chop. Got chicken, my favourite fried egg, my favourite pineapple and my favourite CHEESE on top! yay :D haha! Alyssa is not feeling good, aw hope that you will feel better :) 

Thank GOD. :) 

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