Monday, February 21, 2011

January Loves #7


It was a tough night, I would remember. 


The next day, went out with the family. Had lunch at Lavender. Well, something really embarrassing happened and I was so sorry to khye siang although it was really non of my business! :P 

went for a little shopping

know what, sister said that I was really awesome because she couldn't see any weird or sad expression on my face and I was quite proud of it. bwahahaha! I hid it so well. 



Loiter in the shopping mall alone, had sakae sushi. 

me love japanese food!  

To make myself more normal, I had more instead of had something less than ten ringgit! haha. 


Soft shell temaki  

mango unagi  I super love the mayonaise!

Coincidentally, there was this woman who was alone too eating at the table in front of mine. She somemore sat at the position opposite to me so I should had said HI to her wahaha and we ate together :P *I was just being lame to have that kind of thought* 

A random shape which I had did. Well, you noticed that the end didn't join because it was broken :)

Watched HOMECOMING this very Fantabulous movie! omg omg omg, it was really nice! I love it! you know, I went to watch alone right, but I didn't feel like I was alone. I was so into that movie until when I was conscious about where I was, yea only I noticed that I was actually alone. I love it :) FANTABULOUS.  

After that, chilled at starbucks. I was daydreaming there for like 3 hours? :) doing nothing, you can imagine.

with my favourite macchiato  

had dinner as well, but this one, not nice one :P 

Had a good chat with en after she got back from KYUEM that night. thanks my love    :D


The other day, it was neng's dad's birthday! heh heh, our primary school headmaster :) Well, tracy helped him to bake a cheezylicious carrot cake and wei neng of course put in his effort to write the beautiful words on top of the cake with pink cheese cream :) nice! hehehehe. So we took it to his house and celebrated with his dad. lol! the atmosphere was quite awkward because everyone was like so quiet somemore wei neng was super quiet texting with his momo. haha! 

happy family pic  *too bad was without wei qin* 

like papa, like sons, 

Group picture, I actually like this :P 

boon, eric, neng, headmaster, zy, me and tracy  

the hin hua-rians! hehehehe    

祝您身体健康! :) 

Back to college, well today is already the second week of schooling. Everything goes fine except that I am still with my lazy behaviour, procrastinate with my assignments. shit one. like yesterday, I needed to submit my draft one today but I just wrote it in the midnight. fml. 

Calculus was fine. It's just that I am still very shy to talk to Mr.Thiaga. Whenever he asks me questions I am like, wth why ask me then start to get a little panic and simply say things. lol! I know the answer also let me twist and turn till don't know what bullshit :x haha! English, hmmmmm, I don't present my draft 1 today because I am shy. wahahaha! Honestly I have left this "shy" word for like so long already then getting to a new environment makes me super shy again. lol. So I don't know how will Miss Thava thinks of my idea and hmm, maybe I should just continue with that? lol, leave it to the God. Business, today I go to class late then I can't sit together with kailin and alyssa. So I sit at the most left bottom corner in class. well, I think I got improve a little bit in the understanding? I THINK. haha! 

After class, have lunch with Alyssa and kai lin at Hougies Hauz. nice food :) Then May gee joins us. After lunch, Alyssa wants to join her friends so the three of us go to do our assignments in the library. Super awful one, half an hour later maygee and I just do like 3 questions only? super hard can, I mean for calculus. then the remaining half an hour we go online at the maclab :P heh heh. 

It's 3.30pm already, so yeah, it's the orientation party. omg, I am just sitting in the experimental theatre for like one and a half hour and do nothing just sit there watching performances, giving applause and yelling. That's all then we can go back already. I am like "HUH WHAT IT'S ALREADY FIVE!?" -,- how come I can kill time in such a way lol. Take the ktm home and that's it. hahahaha. 

Got more assignments already and it's getting harder and harder. You know, it's not hard actually just my mind is simple and stupid in the same time. 

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