Wednesday, February 16, 2011

January Loves #5

It was after my driving class, I met them at Aeon. 

to save money, we spent our time chilling at the food court while waiting for zhangyik's dad to get him a new car battery lol. heh heh. 

at popular,


It was another day. Zhi xiang didn't have class that friday. so, he wanted to hang out but not many people could make it. Only 3 of us turned up, me,

zhi xiang, 

and ah boon, only. lol.


we had bak kut teh :) 

zhi xiang and I 

ah boon and I 

since they were sitting quite far away, so it was very hard to take picture together. so they rather took something like this, gay dao XD

while waiting for zhangyik to come fetch us to Jusco, since it was raining very heavily, we couldn't go anyway also. went to eat the super juicylicious pao nearby. 

ah boon with his tong shui,

and this was my pao, char siew pao, super juicylicious :) 

having nothing to do, zhangyik fetched us to jusco for a movie. I think we watched gulliver's travel *again for me* haha. in the cinema, only four of us with a couple. I think that couple must be hoping that we could get lost. bwahahaha! We were so noisy there. 

Just a random outing, although it was lame, I still love my life before I started my college. 

College life is still a little hard for me. Me no like. 

Today is the second day of school. Calculus, hmmmmm, I start to become a little blurry in class. English, well, still hard for me. Business, well, still boring to me, trying hard to like it though. and stupid one, I need to carry my super thick textbooks around the campus everyday. So, I decide to rent a locker to put my books so that I won't be carrying all the three. but, the procedures are soooo damn confusing somemore I have no one to refer to. The receptionist at the student central keeps explaining what should I do to me, but I am still like so blur. OMG I think my need to repair my brain already, too slow. 

I think today is not a very good day to me. well, it is very pleasant in the morning because kailin offers me to carpool her. so my journey to school today is really comfortable in her car. heh heh. Then I go to buy my calculus textbook which costs me rm88! somemore bought another business textbook but it is the wrong book! luckily the bookstore still does refunding, somemore say sorry to me, weird. Then it is the locker thing, I am walking round and round the campus to find someone familiar but there is no one omg I feel so super lonely can. Have no idea what to do. Then before I go to wait for shutter bus, I finally see my orientation leader! He helped me to ask at the student central and he teaches me what to do, thanks. 

Then, the shutter bus is here. I don't know if that is MY bus. -,- got no one to ask, everyone seems so COOL. haha. when I am very indecisive, I need to go to the toilet. mana tau itu toilet ada orang sedang cuci tak boleh guna. damn suay. go back to the waiting place again, then after some time still very frustrated then finally can go to the toilet. Lucky me to get ren lin's phonecall he teaches me to look for the LCS. haha! so I get up the bus which is waiting, but it is super full! I need to stand with my two stupid thick heavy textbooks. OMG, somemore the bus driver like is driving soooooo .... don't know how to describe, like just want to make the people who stand to fall. haha! 

In the KTM, I feel so damn sleepy but there are too many people so I don't feel comfortable to sleep. I ask my auntie to wait for me at the teluk gadong station. Who knows, after Klang station, there are just little people left on the train. wow, it is a great time to sleep. I place a super comfortable position and I just hope to  close my eyes to rest. Mana tau, I doze offffff! Ish, when I open my eyes, why the whole damn train got nobody one!? Oh great, I miss MY station. hahahaha, luckily my auntie is very kind she comes to that OVERstation to pick me up. :) hehehe! 

OMG, college life sucks. 

but the good news is, kailin and I have lunch with a new friend, Alyyssa which is a really friendly and sporting girl :) she sits beside me during english class and I teach her to log into her student portal. quite a nice girl. and I talk more to people today, especially girls :) the girls are nice. hehehe like Maggie. 

Alright, till then, tata! off to nap.

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