Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eat all the way

well, that day we supposed to have our brilliant dinner at Boston but it was not opened that day! so we just simply had another good one nearby. 

look at the variety of food :)

wa tan hor, 

kangkung and you yu, ?

curry meeee, 

ikan bakar, 


the food was really not bad ;) 

so, the attendants were

ah boon, 

eric, with his favourite curry mee, 

molly, :) 

jessie, with her beautiful and ever so confident smile, :)


and me of course. :) I was the camera person but the pictures were simply taken because I was quite busy eating, hehehe no time to really concentrate on photographing. 

There were these insects kept falling from the ceiling, I didn't know what was that but it was disgusting of course. and one fell into my cup of tea! I forgot whose cup but either mine or ah boon's. EW. 

after eating, 

jessie looked so satisfied ;) haha!

janice came to join us after a while, but she already had her dinner so she watched us eat. hehe! group picture blurry version, 

clearer version but still a little blurry. -,-

Then, most of them went back, the people who stayed back including me decided to have our dessert at bukit tinggi, here,

ah boon, 

see, her confident and beautiful smile again :) 

eric and zhangyik and of course, me myself :)

jessie had tong shui, 

forgot what was that already XD

ah boon with his dessert, mango sago with green tea ice-cream. 


and this was mine :) heh heh heh. 

well, it was kind a satisfactory day because I had lots of food. heh heh. Love eating like that with them. 


back to the school topic today, um, during calculus, well, I think I am such a ruiner. you know yesterday, when Mr. Thiaga asked about something, I knew the answer. but when he stared and me and asked, "yes, anything?" I answered him "oh nothing" omg omg omg. I really need to speak more in class and be braver to speak to my lecturer or answer him already. give me some courage T.T and today again, when he asked me answer a question he asks us to do. well, I find the answer first before doing. because the steps to find the answer is really easy than doing, but I am not sure about the answer because I haven't do it (draw the graph) to proof my answer right. Then I have to answer already. So, I have a look at Arif's answer and I remember his answer is -3 and mine is -7! omg, hahahaha! you know, I am always very inconfident of myself so I tell Mr.Thiaga his answer. Then he says "why are you looking at his, give me your answer." then I am like okay "-7 bla bla bla" then who knows my answer is the correct one. -,- I think I really have a problem. 

Yay, the big yay today is that I don't have english composition class! heh heh, that is a great news but I have homeworks and stuffs to do. Well, speaking of business class, is another huge OMG. OMG OMG OMG, you know I can hardly get what Mr.Chuah is talking about. and the two person who are sitting beside me, Kailin and Alyssa are soo excited about the class and everything they kai lin keeps making sure that I don't fall asleep. ugh, I really don't understand most of the business thing. 

Then when I get into the shutter bus, I am sitting with another friend Hui Xuan. She is majoring in actuarial science like me too. You know what, she has the exactly same problem like me!!!! both of us can't cope with the business class and we are sharing the same helpless feeling. lol. Need to work more on business maybe? 

Um, lunch time, kailin and I have lunch with Maygee ;) hehe she's a cute girl. She's attending the valentine's party tonight! if I know her earlier, maybe I should be going already. lol. And she tells me that the party is meant for single people so oh yea, that's me. haha! and after business class we have dessert with Alyssa :) we keep bursting into laughter for .... something really funny about a guy. lol. 

Well, other than the stupid consistent study thing in college, I think everything is still fine till now. 

Still, good luck to me :) 

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