Tuesday, February 22, 2011

January Loves #8

I had reunion dinner with my maternal family one week before chinese new year :) Because my grandma has more daughters than sons so most of us will be going back to hometown during chinese new year. 


I had my white dress one but oh my gawd I seriously looked fat in it because simple, I am fat! XD

with my cousin sister :) seee, told you I am fat enough until in this picture, I looked like a pregnant woman omg no no no! 

I cropped my sister away because she would be very sensitive if I posted her pictures here. so, :) 

Reena was playing a fool with me, 

Iva laughed so happily, my pretty princess :) 

my brother, 

the first dish was of course, LAO SANG! 

Let the good fortunes come and evil goes away!

my adorable princess, Rainie 

my super hyperactive cute princess, Ivy 

It was really hard to capture a clear picture of her because she just couldn't stop moving! sooooo hypercute! 

my brother with Rainie, my sister with Ivy, Iva and I ♥ I just love kids they are plainly adorable 

see, remember what I have told you? No clear picture of her. :P 

running like mad outside the restaurant, 

finally, she was a little tired. 


Well, the dinner was very good :) I love it, I love spending time with my maternal family because they are simply very nice to get along with. 


The other day, went to have a look at the progression of my future home ♥ 

At ambang botanic, *gosh I just look fat* 

My brother saw this itik, ayam? then he got so excited and wanted to take its picture. lol. 




This is the date which I will remember forever. This venue, this seat, this cake and this drink, I will remember.

The coffee was really bitter that day and the lemon cheese cake didn't look temptating to me anyway. 


The next day I guess, went for a badminton session with friends :) This time, chia voon was here so I was not the only girl, happy! hehehe. Chia voon and I sneaked out to have breakfast while the guys just wouldn't stop playing badminton. hahahaha, my stomach was churning already couldn't wait for them heh heh. Had mee mamak, the only food which I dare to order there. :\

Anyway, I didn't finish it obviously, hehe -,-



Well, college today is pretty boring. Calculus - ummm, as usual, it's just that the thing is getting harder and more complicated and the more I scared, the more I can't recall what's going on during form 5. I mean, a lot of things are just repeated stuffs of form 5, but I just can't recall anything. -,- ishhh. Business - omg omg omg omg again, I still hardly understand the topic and I am about to doze off in class. Luckily kailin is beside me to keep me awake. haha! really feel like slapping myself lah omg. I think Mr.Chuah can see that I am less interested in his class. :x English - still very hard for me. and we need to write in class tomorrow, omg omg writing! how long it has been since the last time I write essays? I think it has been 3 damn months already! haha! 

After class, I can't meet up with kailin or maygee or Alyssa because all of them have classes so I just spend my time in the library doing calculus exercises alone. Then, before I go back, I have snogurt! yums yums, this time I only choose one flavour for myself instead of chap pu long like last time. Then I top it up with my favourite longan and jellies and one gummy bear! haha :) 

Take the shutter bus to ktm later and I meet Ashton. He's really kind to talk to me :) Thanks! we separate when the train comes because I want to be in the ladies' coach. heh heh. 

I am quite tired, sleepy. Off to nap now, nitez! ;) 

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