Monday, February 14, 2011

New Life

If you don't know, I am currently studying American Degree Transfer Program, majoring in actuarial science in Taylor's University College, lakeside campus. :) 

Well, is a new life for me. I hope I can get through all the hard times and get a really new and good and of course, if I can, better life :) wish be all the best alright.

Today is my first day studying. My first class is MATH171, which is Calculus. Hehehehe, my most favourite subject I suppose. My lecturer is an Indian guy, Mr.Thiga. He's not bad :) I like him. hehehe, I hope I won't change my mind later on. Maybe he's going to be strict but he's doing good on the first day. 

Then, I have half an hour break and I have lunch at oldtown alone. well, it's valentine's day so there are couples everywhere and I am eating alone, so you see the contrast. haha! quite make me heart pain during that half an hour. I don't get to finish my food because I really feel like vomitting already. lol, I am sorry food! 

My second class is ENGL101, English Composition. OMG, terrible class. I don't like it at all. It gives me a feeling of stress and well, I think I can't cope with it well. but I'll do my best :) my lecturer is an Indian woman, Miss Thava. She's strict I suppose. and her works must be abundant. OMG, hard time hard time. Luckily I am not meeting her everyday in a week. 

My last class is GBUS102, Introduction to business. Well, I don't really like it because econs and stuffs are like so .... ??? I don't know how to say, haha I just don't feel like liking it. but I will love it, try to :) hehe. I only have three subjects this semester so I must love them. well, my lecturer is a chinese guy, Mr. Chuah haha he's very friendly and nice to get along with I guess because he talks nothing about academic in the first class. I like that :) hehehehe! so I really can't know how until he starts teaching. Looking forward!


I really hope that I can cope with all the subjects. 

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