Wednesday, February 23, 2011

January Loves #9

Had dinner at Boston woohoo! You know, they waited from 6pm till 7.30pm for the stupid restaurant to open! I reached half an hour later so I also waited for like an hour -,- but luckily we didn't need to wait for a long time for the food to come. 





Miss Lala, Jessie finished most of them! haha, if Vanessa was there, she would share the whole plate with her. :) 

well, some random captures. Thuan song, he is finally in a relationship with his super nice girl :) haha congratulations I am really happy for both of you! 

Tracy, she has gone to study in Macquirie University in Sydney. Good luck alright, we will really miss you :) 

Bee and Ray, bee has gone to taiwan for her further study too :) good luck! 

Group picture, 


The other day, with the same bunch of people, we celebrated chinese new year at jessie's place. 

We had steamboat, thousand thanks to jessie and her mom :) 


zhixiang, me and wan qiao! 

The others were chilling outside but I like being in the ktv room, listening to songs. 

me, jiawei and boon :) 

Eric and I, love this picture to the max sis!

fatty boom boom me!

En couldn't make it because she has school in KYUEM. vanessa, tracy and I :D

we chewing cny biscuits!

this picture is super gay can! *like like*

Elaine and I :) 

the hin hua-rians, me, eric, zhangyik, olivia, vanessa and tracy :) *much loves*


and lastly, the group pictures, 


I really enjoy the time I spend with them :) 



I am loving tang yuan, if everything is as perfect as one, how good it will be :) 


Back to college, um, today was not a good day for me, again. Last night, I had a serious stomachache I also didn't know what happened to my stupid stomach. feel like cutting it away so that I could stop suffering. I couldn't sleep until 3am when I directly poured much minyak angin *feng you* on my stomach and I just closed my eyes and tahan the pain and I didn't know when it was when I eventually dozed off. haha! 

So today, worse, I overslept! I was supposed to wake up at 6.30 in the morning but when my mom woke me up it was already 8!!!!!!!!!! omg omg omg, I needed to be at kailin's place before 8.15am so obviously, I couldn't get there on time and even if I was taking the ktm, I needed to catch the train at 8.13am. And, mom and dad didn't want to fetch me there either. So, was fated that I would be late to class today. Stupid one. the next train was supposed to come at 8.45am but until 9 something one shadow also couldn't be seen. stupid malaysia public transport system. You know, public transportation is to bring the people convenience but in our country, it only brings us super INconvenience! 

I didn't get down at setia jaya station. I just hopped off the train at subang jaya to get a taxi easier. but then, stupid one again. We people have touch n go to make things easier but now what, I was having a touch n go and the machine spoilt and we needed to queue to pay for our ticket! SHIT ONE. while people having tickets could just go through easily. STUPID LAH. so I wasted some time there. Got a taxi, the taxi driver lagi made me geram! he dropped another passenger somewhere first before sending me to school! so 5 minutes were wasted again. @@ On the way to school, opposite the pyramid, it was JAMMED! wahlao. what a day -,- I reached campus around 9.50am and my class started ten minutes ago. Nvm, luckily Mr.Thiaga is a very kind person :P and there was still a seat for me :P thanks!

Calculus, did trigonometry today. :) English, wrote draft 2 in class and I thought my writing was so bad -,- it was really bad I didn't know what to do with it. HELP! Business, well, still as boring as usual, more people were saying so. haha! but we went for a tour to the ADP office before the class ended. After class, kailin, Alyssa and I went to have sandwiches at Hougies Hauz before attending the PASS session 20 minutes later. OMG the time was so packed. Bought some sweets to keep ourselves awake before class. heh heh. 

During PASS session, well I was already yawning at the back since we were late again. lol. The PASS leader for my session was Gladys Tan. she's a nice girl I can see that :) hehehe. I like her but english is getting more boring for me. ;( blame Miss Thava. hahahaha! Finally, finally, finally, the class ended but there were this two cute person thought the class started at 3pm, Eugene and Maygee just came in -,- sweat. hahaha then I had Maygee with me after class till the time I went back. So thanks to her :) I feel really nice being with her, she's such a nice girl! Had snogurt with her before taking pictures for our student ID. well, I think I looked awful in the picture but, whatever. 

Then Maygee and I killed our time at the student life centre :) hehehe! Super thanks to her, she reminded me that I needed to catch my shutter bus to KTM just in time! I ran to the waiting area and just after I got up to the bus, the bus started moving. duh duh duh, JUST IN TIME. thanks maygee :D 

Saw yungwen at the Klang station. I feel less tired today :) don't know why. haha! 

It's only wednesday duh. Friday faster come! 

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