Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Well, sorry for the super delayed post. Chinese new year is far over already by the way. haha! 

As usual, I spent my whole chinese new year holiday in my hometown - Penang. Ugh, boring place. 

These are just some random pictures I have taken when I was there. I was kinda lazy. 

Chilled at starbucks in sunway carnival mall with my cousins,

my cousins and my brother kacauing, 

Chinese new year eve, 

It was sooooo boring that my dad would do something like this, 

it is always steamboat for chinese new year eve reunion dinner, 

at my very first home after I was born, ini kampung ni :) 

sister and I, 

my brother at first didn't want to camwhore at all, 


I like his expression in this picture!

at some kind of temple, 

sister and I, 

A beautiful taken by my sister :) 

yea, is this place, 

Going over to penang island for buffet dinner,

 I think the sky was beautiful :)

I saw penang island liao! 

Last day at penang, uncle kena loteri so he treated us a yummilicious dinner. lol, don't judge a book by its cover. Although the place looks really old and dirty but the food is really good but expensive in the same time. I personally love its fried ice-cream, especially blueberry one!


First time trying 椰花酒. It's really nice, tastes just like vinegar. :)

Well, my chinese new year was kinda boring. lol. 


Back to college, well, reached campus at 9am then kai lin and I rushed to the library because we needed to get our english composition assignment done by today! But I didn't manage to do anything because I had class earlier. calculus, well, something really funny happened in class today. I walked into the classroom, then it was free seating mar. so my usual place was sat by Eugene and the funny thing was, when I walked in, I was about to get another seat but he and his friend just suddenly got up and changed their seats. -,- I was like "huh? why you didn't want to sit there?" lol. so cute lah them :) so I got my usual perfect but super cold seat lol! I know it was a little lame hahaha but I was running out of story to tell already. 


Business, omg, getting sleepier and sleepier. I really didn't like it. When my eyelids were just closing up, kai lin gave me a sweet which would wake me up in some way. gah. Then before the class ended, we were assign to do TWO assignments and the due date is MONDAY. omg omg omg, honestly I never concentrated in business class because it was too boring. so now what, I needed to read from chapter 1 to chapter 4 to cope with the assignment x.x padan muka I. gah gah gah. 

Attended PASS session for calculus. well, I went to the wrong class anyway because the PASS session for freshmen was not available yet. lol. so just did some questions and there were only 5 freshmen in the class -,- sweat. When I wanted to catch the shutter bus, omg it was raining stupid heavily! Luckily the bus didn't know delay the time but it was pretty jam on the whole way out of the campus. So I reached KTM station kinda late and I missed a train again!!!!! ugh, I didn't know how many times I should miss the train. stupid one, wouldn't wait for me. haha! *of course lah* 

Met zhi sheng in the shutter bus and he killed most of my time when the traffic was so jam, so thanks to him! haha. 

Yay, have a gathering with Eng Seng Maffioletti Lim later. lol lol. 

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