Friday, February 25, 2011

I should change

because environment changes, friends change, almost everything changes. 

Here I am to show you my new school! Taylor's University College Lakeside Campus, there are three beautiful buildings there but sadly, I am not using those blocks because my ADP classrooms are more isolated in Block B, underground, a little like dungeon. haha! by the way, the pretty library is situated in Block C level 2,3 and 4!

This is why we call it LAKESIDE -,-

The first day of orientation, I was waiting for kailin outside the admission centre, 

During break, at food court, 

at Experimental Theatre,



College today is fine :) Just a little rushy. In the morning, when I reach school already, kailin and I rush ourselves to the library to get my stupid assignment done. So I am late to my calculus class and of course, alot of them are late as well. *doing the same stupid assignment haha* Then Mr. Thiaga finally declares that we should not be later than 5 minutes after class starts. If not, attendance will not be marked. wth. I must be punctual next time. It's my second time already x.x English, A HUGE YAY! I have handed in my assignment and I feel so light and relieved. Not as stress as before already :) great! but another one is already awaiting us there, but this one we are doing it in groups so quite fine with me :) 

Have a great lunch with kai lin, Alyssa, zhi ying, jin zhi and ling xing. hahaha six of us are super crazy laugh super hell loud in the restaurant because Alyssa does something INHUMAN. hahaha, scare the hell out of me seriously. You are memang inhuman lah alyssa XD Then, kai lin, Alyssa, zhi ying and I head to the library to complete our business assignment. omg I am the most failure person among us. Alyssa does everything almost, kai lin at least read the two cases, zhi ying does a little bit on the questions but hasn't finish them. and me, I just finish reading one case! wah lao epic PHAIL. hahahahaha!

Take the KTM home with kai lin :) yay! can sleep more tonight, happy! 

I really need to sleep, ciao.

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