Saturday, December 25, 2010

Home sweet home ♥


Well, sorry for not updating my blog for like more than a week! hehe. I went for a six days five nights graduation trip with my classmates to Pulau Langkawi and Pulau Pinang. Will update about the trip later on when I get all the pictures. I brought my cammie there but I took nothing, because I'm a lazy person. hehehehe. somemore when I saw sooo many cameras flashing d I also lazy to take out mine. :P Overall, the trip was hard but fun. I enjoyed every moment I had with the pals and I realised I really love them. ♥

My last entry was about stuffs on last Tuesday. so obviously this is on Wednesday. Hmm....

One day after spm, I decided to spend my quality time with him. haha! So, sunway pyramid here we go. we wanted to watch a movie but due to the very little time, we just shopped in the mall. I was very hungry and was longing for cream-based spaghetti, I remembered zy recommended me that the spaghetti at Italianese is super good. so I went there but dare not go inside because I was scared that it would be too expensive then I could die liao because I didn't brought so much money that day. So, feeling disappointed, we went to have a simple lunch at Papa John. not bad also lah, we somemore met the A3 gang :)

fatty me :P

mine ♥

I love desserts ♥ I actually wanted to try MOF out but Tracy told me that the desserts were okay only so I came to Honeymoon.

my favourite ♥

Honeydew sago ♥

look what he'd got for me ♥

meaning, I am his princess? bwahahahaha perasan!

finally bought the tickets for Peter Pan Musical ♥

I must go to Sunway Lagoon before 1st of January because with these tickets, I can have 30% discount on the entrance fee nice or not! who wanna come? :P

I don't have a beautiful picture that day, so an ugly picture will do. hahaha, hope you guys don't mind bleh.

once again,

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