Monday, December 13, 2010

Super Craziness!

It was a day out with my crazy musketeers! I don't know how we three can be so sampat! hahahaha.

Well, everything was planned one day before. My dad was supposed to give me his atm card because he had no cash on hands. and mom was supposed to drive me to en's house, because en's mom was driving us to Sunway Pyramid for a shopping session. But who knew, in the morning, I woke up at 8.55am to stop my mom from going to work at 9am. I was too late, she had already gone .... WITH my dad's atm card! Oh no. So I was quite pek cek that morning, finding transport and cash! haha. Finally we got no choice, I borrowed money from the richest person at home - my little sister. She got rm400 cash in hands. good enough. hiak hiak! and regarding the transport problem, en's mom was soooooo good she came to pick me up at my house, although is very very very bu shun lu. aw, thank you aunty you are so sweet :) hehe! 

En's mom and tracy's mom followed us to shop! Aw. The first stop was Forever 21. Found nothing but I was attracted to a flower bracelet I must buy that! HMPH :P Then Kitschen (also found nothing for myself) and at last I bought a simple cardigan at Cotton On. hehehehe. 

*were queueing up to pay*

Forgot to mention that sister followed us too,

I ate nothing in the morning. And we girls were sampat because we refused to have something heavy for the lunch to save time. hahaha we wanted more time for shopping. so our lunch was, Auntie Anne's! hahaha, en's mom foot the bill for us, how sweet of her right! hahaha.

@ TIAMO, I super love the footwears there omg so ballerina!

After 5 hours of shopping (legs pain T.T) we finally went to take picture with the christmas decoration! hehehe, so sweeeeeeeet. I VERY don't like valentine's day, don't know why. But I super love CHRISTMAS! :D

meet the Santa Claus!
*santa claus is coming .. to town* heard this song everytime I went to Aeon haha!

Famous Amos cookiesssss!

We were so lucky. Because when we went to take pictures at the centre court, so coincidentally the Peter Pan crew was there to take picture with the public. hehehe, of course, we went to queue up and took a nice picture with them! know what, after picture, they still gave a rm10 voucher for the night park in Sunway Lagoon! hahaha. There is a Peter Pan Muscial at Sunway Lagoon from 26 November until 2nd of January! There is a show everyday at 5.30pm except for Tuesday and for Friday and Saturday there are two, one at 5.30pm and another at 8pm! hehehehe, and the price is cheap and reasonable :D I am going for sure!

London West End Theatre brings you Peter Pan, a heart-warming story of the boy who never grows up. Together with Wendy and Mr. Smee, they valiantly fight off their arch enemy, Captai Hook. Supported by an international star-studded cast, catch this Neverland themed Christmas swash-buckling musical at Sunway Lagoon. Visit

the shoppers :)

Loving this, thanks to our awesome photographer Crazy Ng! haha.

me with the crazy girlfriends!

Meet the santa claus! he was not so good because he didn't smile at all throughout the photo session. this was very bad because obviously, he dislike his job as a santa claus. Santa is happy, right!

After that, we spent a long time at MegaShoe hahahaha! We did so many silly things until the workers were very unhappy with us. hahahaha, don't care! :P

KINDORI NEXT :D wooots, love!

*pictures from tracy's blog hehehe*

The last stop was Ogival. En wanted to buy a swimsuit, then there was 20percent discount on the second item and 30 percent discount on the third item. so sister and I each bought one then we divided the price equally. so the price was still okay :)

Look at the things that we managed to hunt! hiak hiak! I got great satisfaction can! :P

It was already quite late so we went back to Klang. En' mom dropped us at Aeon. While waiting for mom to pick us up again, we went to have something light at Lavender :D

we had Fresh Mushroom Soup yummy yummy!

I love Christmas stuffs!

Okay, these three girls banyak sampat. Tracy and her family came to Aeon again for a dinner at Dragon-i and a movie - Rapunzel. En and his mom came to Aeon to visit Espirit haha! My family and I came for a dinner at Dragon-i too and a movie. Crazy, shopped whole day at Sunway now we were meeting in Aeon again! hahahahaha, was feeling very excited :P *excuse me*

Shopped at Adidas for my brother's school shoes, and I bought my first t-shirt at Adidas. bwahahaha! thanks mommy :P

Had dinner at Dragon-i again!

Xiao long bao is the love :P

To end the superb day, we went for this movie,
The Cronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

I was sooooo zhadao after the movie because it was very illogical and many many unexpectations. I think the person who wrote the story must be very imaginary! omg hahaha. I never watched Narnia one and two so I was surprised when I watched Narnia 3. My dad complaint of boredom and kept talking to us only. haha!

it's a


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