Sunday, December 12, 2010

Surprise, Eng Seng!

Well, sorry for my lame title. becaue my brain cannot think of anything better than that. haha!

Teng Han texted me one day before the surprise. Said wanted to hang out and farewell with Eng Seng, but he forgot about his birthday! How dare him, wanted to hit him kao kao lat d :P haha! So of course I said OKAY but finally only 7 of us could turn up. but it was okay :) It already counted as very perfect since SPM was not really over yet. hehehe. Kay, IS NOT OVER. whatever. :P

So zhihan and teng han texted me to go there earlier and we would meet up at Starbucks to prepare for Eng Seng's simple birthday card. You know, we are simple but awesome friends :P hehehe! But, it was already 11am and eng seng was supposed to reach at this time. but anyway, everyone was late. I was the late too but I was the earliest wahaha! How funny. So I went for a cup of hot Caramel Macchiato to kill time. Finally they were here and eng seng, as expected was the last to arrive.

Our beloved and good thuan song volunteered to be the photographer! good thing! So, took a picture for us first :P hiak hiak!

It was near lunch time. therefore we went for a good lunch at Sakae Sushi! Because it was enclosed enough for us to give him a surprise. See, we planned until so perfect. everything was considered hahaha chou mei @@

A picture of zhihan smiling very nicely :)

My miso soup came first! Aw, my most favourite soup of all :D

Five of them prefered green tea :)

Zhihan took a picture of us :)


Zhihan's dish! looking so cheesylicious :)

this was mine! A perfect combination of unagi, mango and mayonnaise I love it! but it was very expensive.

curry don I supposed

I find this picture so cute! :P

So, after everyone had finished eating, zhihan and I lied that we were going to the washroom. so both of us quickly walked to Lavender to get our cake! it was Fudgy Chocolate. super super superly chocolate one :) Then we got the permission to eat the cake in sakae. the waitress was very nice somemore helped us to light up the candles.

There was me, walking to surprise eng seng! you know, was simple but sincere :)

He told us that he never expected anything like this for today! hahaha. you know, when your birthday is near and when you have outings or something like that with your friends, you will find something suspicious like they are going to surprise you. haha, but he never thought of that. SUCCEED!

Happy Birthday Eng Seng! He is a good friend of mine :) I really like talking to him.

Made wishes

Blow the lights away, your wishes will come true :)

cut the cake!

present giving! thank you zhihan so much for burning your midnight oil to finish this very nice card :) right, eng seng?

there were MERRY CHRISTMASes all around the cake! of course, santa claus is coming to town!

Special decorated fugdy chocolate cake slice for the birthday boy :)

I was the cake-cutter that day! Wheee, did I do a good job? *-)

we were eating the cakes with chopsticks! wahahaha, first time doing that very funny.

After dinner we went for a movie - SOCIAL NETWORK

it was a movie talking about the production of facebook and the conflicts between the people and how the things ended like I was so zhadao! hahaha. it was a 18PL movie :P so, have no comment about the movie.

After movie we had really nothing much to do. so went to take pictures :)

I went back quite early while they went for the second round movie! I think they watched Narnia. I was assigned by my mom to teach my brother swimming, free style swimming! crazy I sendiri pun don't know how to swim with free style somemore need to teach him. Fine, but at last my brother refused to let me teach him, he preferred my brother to teach him. wahaha! so I was very free and went for the lap swimming.

It was a big failure because I didn't even swim for a lap! I rested at so many intervals to breathe. like very lang bei. Groan* Give up, I better swim at the kids' pool next time. hahaha! or I must have another awesome teacher to teach me how to breathe properly in water. I think my method was wrong because I was like lack of oxygen during swimming -,-

After swimming and preparing myself, mom brought the children to have a great dinner at Dragon-i ..... again! wheeeeeeeee, it was so nice of her. I was very happy and had a superb dinner. I always love chinese food especially the xiao long bao there. and I think that the ramen improves. Last time was not so good but now is perfect :)

another favourite of mine, guo tie. The outside is more chewy.
*I think my description is so funny, bear with it people*

We begged our mom to let us stay longer in Aeon because we wanted to watch a movie. But all the perfect times were FULL. so we had no choice but to go lepak-lepak around the boring mall. (the mall is very very boring if you don't have money with you :P)

RAPUNZEL, I am very eager to watch this movie! I always love Disney. By the way, is this a disney production? :) I bet so.

So we got nothing much to do, so we went for my favourite gui ling kao at gong wo tong :)




Honestly, I had a really good day :)

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