Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pulau Payar

Graduation Trip Day 3

It was our last day in Pulau Langkawi hehehe. We were arranged to go snorkelling at Pulau Payar. The girls and I gathered the latest again because, look at the sleepy faces haha!

The journey to Pulau Payar took longer time, so this time we went there by a ferry :)

but, the ferry couldn't go to the shore. so we had to take small boats there. It was super wavy that day!

After we reached there, they briefed us and there we went, snorkelling whole day long. haha!


super scary got little sharks inside. but the sea view here is not pretty at all. the corals are dead and we could only see the brown sands. very dull. unlike Pulau Redang one, super colourful all the corals are still alive so pretty can! I miss Redang :D

We had like more than 5 hours to snorkel.

After snorkelling :)

Group picture before leaving :)

got to the boat to go over the ferry out there. spot it? :)

After going back to Langkawi, we had a dinner at the same restaurant we had the first night we came. This time, the people there were so rude because wei neng and vanessa hadn't finish eating but they already busy keeping all the dishes away and clearing the tables. it was very rude you know people were still eating okay!

It was a tiring day so they massaged for each other haha so cute! :D

En, Tracy and I ♥ look en was sick! T.T

After dinner we went to Eagle Square a must go place when you go to Pulau Langkawi :) hehe!

Group pictures ♥


Tried to act birdy :P

Me, Eric and Ahboon were trying to perform "stupid nobody" there. hahahaha! boooohooo.

Went back to the condo, most of them were sick after snorkelling so they slept really early. Supposingly we should have great fun on the last night in Langkawi, but no choice. so tracy, bing and I were still very good we went to the boys' apartment to join their chats.

Cheeee Seng!


Wanted to have fun but we couldn't aw!

There were really patients in the apartments so we got outside to the mamak stall opposite.

When we girls got back to our apartment, en was having super high fever! Her whole body was sooooo hot when I touched her I was like touching hot water can you imagine how hot she was? I was super freaked out and tracy suggested that we let her sleep in the lobby that night so that she could sweat out and reduce her own body temperature too kong bu liao! *the apartment was cold* Okay, both of us went down to the lobby and suddenly the guys came I also didn't know how they knew we came. Alright, 3 gentlemen stayed to accompany us while we were accompanying en T.T

Horrible night, but must still take pictures. honestly we had nothing to do before doing tepid sponging for en.

Five of us ♥

After some ss session, we noticed that en's body temperature kept rising and she was not sweating at all! omg we were freaked out I quickly suggest to do tepid sponging for her to control her body temperature especially on her head part because it was really so hot! I was so afraid that her brain would be burnt! you know, this was the first time I met such thing it was really horrifying.

The whole night, tracy and I took turns to change the cold handkerchiefs for her. but, no matter how we changed and how frequent we tapped her with water, she was still so hot and my hands hurt! My heart hurts more because I really didn't know what to do. It was really very horrifying and terrible. I was so afraid that anything would happen to her! omg omg omg forget about it.

let's see a happy picture ♥

It was a nightmare.

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