Tuesday, December 14, 2010

*kick you away*



Finally, eventually, at last! I finished my chinese papers and I couldn't believe that I had actually finish all the ten subjects so fast! hahahaha. I am so happy now! new life is going to start and I am going to face with a brand new environment where I am quite afraid about it. Haha, kind of worry. whatever, don't talk about that first.

Sunday is always my family day. I reserve sunday for my family unless I have something more important to do. hehehe, so it was a typical sunday again.

My little sister is a great fans of Rapunzel. She watched the movie twice and I haven't even watch once. duh. She even spent her money to buy this useless magazine, Rapunzel.

and the most funny thing is that, she named herself Rapunzel Yew. Laugh die me can! :P

It was in the evening already when I remembered to take my cammie out to take some pictures. Sister was having her swimming lesson while brother was working hard on his free styles. Although our sir name is YOU, you yong de you, but the whole family sucks in swimming I don't know why. haha! But my little sister is really geng she can swim in the lap pool for like non-stop. I swam in the lap pool for once, but I rested at so many intervals to gasp some air. my sister laughed at me kao kao when I was swimming with her. cheh!:P

After bathing, I camwhored with my little zilian brother heh heh!

my brother always take blurry pics

just like what eric said : I lu lao lu hiao hahahahahaha! indeed XD

I was trying to imitate my brother. because I know both of us actually look the same. Don't we?

crazy fellows. My sister always says me SAMPAT SAMPAT because I am sp so stands for SAM PAT! hahaha. the sun was going down so left the club and went home for a family dinner again :)

I must start doing exercises to shake my lipids away!
*shake shake shake*

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