Thursday, December 16, 2010

You should get a pyjamas!

It was after SPM! hehehe, totally after can! so this is our last picture in Kwang Hua (I guess so) hehe.

Then, I went out with my classmates for a small gathering. I have no pics on hand must wait for Tracy the photomaniac! haha. Overall it was okay I somemore played bowling! I was so lousy so got the number first from the bottom. hahaha, and know what? I was the only girl playing, so was a bit unfair :P

Thanks to ah boon's papa for giving me a ride home :) hehe. After that, I prepared myself for the pyjamas party with the sohighs later. I didn't know whose idea is that to wear pyjamas and have a party. I thought the party was supposed to be at home but who knew, we were going to Aeon omg damn xia sui okay. I regretted on the way to Aeon and I was so kan cheong but zhangyik was driving so I couldn't do anything. *unless I jumped car hahahaha*

Tracy lent me her pyjamas so sweet can :) hehehe! Because I only wear super large size t-shirt with a lousy pants to bed. I never care if I have a pyjamas. but now I think I should have one! It's so cute!  hahaha. *ps: I am not trying to say that I am cute. Just the pyjams! haha* so I brought along my newly bought comfy slippers so cute right! It only costed me ten ringgit quite cheap I think :P hehe! and the christmas hat. mine was the most special already because I bought the white one. not really so christmas but I love my hat :P

bravely took a picture outside Aeon :P

and bravely took another picture in the toilet, there was this one girl looking at us. @@

Actually most of us hadn't have our dinner. So we decided to head for Secret Recipe hehehehe! because we needed a chat time, so the atmosphere in secret would be good :) and I was feeling relieve to sit down because not so xian yan, right. haha! as usual, I ordered my most favourite Marble Cheesecake so cheesylicious! hehehe. I always love CHEESE ♥

Another of my favourite at secret recipe is the mushroom soup! look at my tam jiak heng @@

Ignore the face and concentrate on the food - Chicken Cordon Blew very nice got cheese inside one can!

After chitchatting for some time and buying some stuffs, off we went to Lucky Jelly located at Ambang Botanic. hehehehe. My family went there as well, and my dad said me sampat why wearing pyjamas and walking here and there. kekez. yes, I am sp mar!

our next plan was to surprise eng seng, something like a belated birthday celebration. hehe! Actually, I wanted to surprise him right on his birthday, but since most of them couldn't make it so that day was a great day for this :) who don't love surprises? hehehehe.

*waiting outside his house heh heh*

In this picture, I was like scolding eric so badly then he emo then vanessa said blueh because she was sitting on the fence! hahaha. okay, my imagination is very bad :P

me and my tracy :D hahaha! I love your cuteeeeeee pyjamas :D

Then something really funny happened. Vanessa was supposed to cheat him out of the house because we needed to do something dirty. haha! but the thing was, after a long time she 'ding dong ding dong ding dong' the fellow still didn't want to come out we didn't know why at first! haha. he asked his family member to help him take his stuffs from vanessa (vanessa said wanted to give him something like that gua I didn't remember heh heh) then vanessa was insisting to see him. Sooooo, he finally came out .......... with a black face!!!!!! wahahaha, all those us LMAO! He was actually doing his expensive face mask that was why he couldn't come out to see us. I bet that, he was super shocked to see the other of us suddenly jumped out from no where and saw him and his mask! hahaha. he quickly went back inside after we sang him a merry christmas birthday song. hahaha. *no picture of him with his black face because we were too busy laughing*

*washing his mask away tsk tsk! so expensive tau* T.T

Deng, came out with a fresh face! :D

sang him the merry christmas birthday song once again hehe :)

made wishes! :)

blew the special happy birthday candle we bought :D

I love this picture to the max can!!!!! :)

friends for life :)

so, we called this a day after spm :) hehehe! I was so happy that night yippie! 

*my new cute comfy slippers!* love!

I am ending this entry with a zilian picture of mine again heh heh :P



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