Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pulau Langkawi

Class Graduation Trip Day 2

It was a beautiful day. hehehehehe. We were supposed to gather in the DOBI (inside joke) at don't know what time but the girls and I were late because morning mar, it was very hard to wake up hehe!

took group pictures before leaving :)

the girls ♥ + thuan song :P

when we reached the Jeti at Langkawi, we had our lunch before getting on the boat. everyone went to something like a mamak stall but en, tracy, yati and I get siao get siao went to BIG APPLE DONUT woohoo! It had been a long time since I tasted the creamylicious donuts aw four of us enjoyed the moment alot! hehehehe. I ate two tau :P

then we walked to the boarding place,

we divided ourselves into 3 groups to get on 3 different boats. here was my group ♥

my boat and you can see sze ming was standing outside haha love this pic!

♥ this pic too ♥

en and I ♥ enjoying the wind

like this picture! :D

teeeheee ♥

finally, we reached errrr ... don't know what pantai liao. hehehe (forgive me my geography is very lousy one I couldn't remember places I have been hehe)

mei cheng you should pose ♥

after enjoying some sea breeze, we got on our respective boats and went to another pulau. Pulau Dayang Bunting izzit oh sorry I really couldn't remember :P there were lots of stupid and naughty monkeys. They would grab your small little stuffs you holding in your hands. so, I was so afraid I kept everything inside the bag and held my girls tight while walking ew! ><

there was this place, hehehehe.

molly, janice, me, tracy, en, vanessa ♥

I also forgot what activity is this already hehehehe I am so sorry! Tracy and I shared one :) we had a good time cycling on water and bumping into others ♥

then all the classmates lined up in one row and cycled back together ♥ Together! I love it ♥


before leaving :)

we got on the boat and went back to Pulau Langkawi. We went back to our condo to prepare ourselves first then a few minutes later, we gathered at the DOBI again and off we went to Pulau Cenang ♥ this one I finally can remember! hehehe. It was a nice place we should stay there one!

There, I played my first banana boat water game! omg so chi kek can ♥ :) I wanted to play for the second time but actually, I was a bit scared of it so nevermind, next time will do :) an unpleasant thing happened which was guan yee was stung by jellyfish omg and I was just swimming beside him I also got stung but luckily my body could still take it so pity him, he was sent to the first aid area. T.T

nevermind, we could still continue with our class game :D something like ghost catch people hahaha very lame but fun! the ghosts were all half naked one!

in this picture, I was rescueing eric and luckily I know that ah boon has a very slow reaction so I told everyone about that, heh heh, he wouldn't catch you. :P

cheer for the victory oh yeah ♥

meei huey was laughing at me then I was laughing at myself because only then I noticed I kept telling people that ah boon's reaction was very very slow. I was like keep shouting : Ah Boon 的反应很慢!ah boon 反应很慢!hahahaha!

I didn't take my bath I just washed all the sands away with tap water. hehe :P

group picture before leaving but jia wei was not in because he was the cameraman

say peace yo! we had fun ♥ :)

we had our steamboat dinner at Kuah Town again :)

After dinner, as usual we went for a walk before going back to condo.

I still thought that we would have fun :)

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