Friday, December 10, 2010

As perfect as a day!

hehehehe, ignore my title because I simply create something which is actually very wrong.

well, one day after biology papers, mummy promised to bring me to visit the colleges so that I could have some ideas of where to go and which field to choose. but in actuality, I am still very confused. haha!

I woke up in the afternoon. Mummy so nice she finally did what she promised. hehe! First she brought me to Sunway College to get some informations. I thought I was being weird to visit colleges like that but when I went there, duh they had consultants for you. Not only me, but quite a number of people went. so I didn't feel awkward anymore. So the consultant is Sunway college is good :) she could speak very well and recommend very well. but I was like a mute because I didn't know what to ask actually. I didn't know what I want, that's why. So mummy did the asking thing then I was just listening. The funny thing was, I didn't know how to use the pen they provided, and I broke it into half actually coz I ying ying lai! hahaha. Then the consultant thought that I was very nervous and held my hands and said : don't be nervous! OMG @@

Next, we went straight to Sri Kuala Lumpur to buy the open school stuffs for my brother. He wanted to enter Kwang Hua but I think this school was not suitable for him. Of course lah, sri KL would be a better choice because you got more attention from the teachers in class. somemore one class got at most 25 students only.

Finally we went to visit Taylor's campus at Subang Jaya.

The consultant at Taylors was not really good. and I found out that the two colleges are actually the same. Just different in the sense of .... MONEY. hahaha! Sunway is more expensive but en told me that they are actually the same after adding all the minor minor things. the courses are also quite similar. nothing much differs. But I was quite interested in how Taylor's lakeside campus looks like. So mummy brought me there!

Taylor's lakeside is so beautiful. the campus is very huge, and ... ah I don't know how to describe. Sister told me that I no need to think liao, terus pilih taylor's lakeside. Because if I am taking ADP it will be at lakeside campus next year. So I zap dou. but, I still haven't make up my mind. hehehe.

Well, finish all the visitings then we found that the car tyre is punctured! So, went to do some repair and we had a good tea time nearby the bengkel.

The roti jala is soooooooooooooo currylicious! slurp!

the simple toasted bread is also very nice, is my favourite of course :)

It's the K3K! the food there is not bad, is so much better than the food in the cafes in Ambang omg!

Next, sister wanted to go to Pyramid for some skating arrangement stuffs. and we passed by T-Bowl! hahahaha. We actually wanted to enter to have something light but turned away when we saw the mangkuk tandas with the ice-cream. hahahah! Nevermind, should try it out next time with my friends.

Back to home, got to go out to comic store to accompany my brother do his homeworks. He was so funny. He did this Periscope? I don't know what mirror lah used by the submarine one then he couldn't stop playing with it. He even used that to do his homeworks you say cute or not? :D


He very pity because only six years old and he got so many kumon sets to do. I form 4 only started to attend tuition classes, he so young already have 3 tuition classes and attending 2 kindergartens. Tsk, kids now are sooooooooo competitive!

He was very hardworking seriously :P

then I was the kacau-er beside. hehehehe!

Before going home, went to Aeon for some shopping. Bought not much, just some simple things. hehehe. And bought 5 adhesive photo albums for my 1000 plus just-washed-photos! omg, got lots of work to do.

You know, santa is coming to town! I love the chrismats decoration this year, compared to last year although last year was using recycling stuffs very good. but not really nice hehehehe.

loving this, white christmas ♥

lastly, I'll end this entry with a super cute pic of my brother!



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