Sunday, December 26, 2010


*laugh at my title*

hahahahaha, I am so sorry for the lousy title but I couldn't think of anything better. *brain-jam*

It was a not-so-beautiful Thursday. The weather was very bad. It was worse to take public transportations here and there on a rainy day. But, I had a date with my Pjing baby! Finally I could meet with the girls :) Kailing couldn't make it because she was sick, kc couldn't turn up because she had some other thing to do while viv was still having her spm! hahaha. So, only pjing and I. Yea, both of us decided to pay Pavilion a visit since I never went there before! *seriously my parents would never bring me to KL because they hate the traffic in KL* Oh, my first time to Pavilion quite excited :P

Well, both of us couldn't drive so we could only take stupid KTM to KL Sentral and walk to the monorail station and go to Raja Chulan. Hmm, forgot to mention that this was also the first time me taking a monorail :) hehehe! I think it was a not-bad experience! better than KTM for sure.

When we reached Raja Chulan, it was raining fml! So bad we didn't know where was Pavilion so simply caught a taxi and off we headed to Pavilion. It was cheap from the monorail station to Pavilion only cost us rm4.80. hehehehe.

The christmas decoration in Pavilion ♥ *very royally feeling*

I got nothing to buy. Pjing wanted to hunt for her prom dress and prom shoes. So I just accompanied her :) hehehe! I hadn't have my breakfast and lunch because I overslept. Yeah, typical me. hehehehe! and guess what, my brunch was ..............................


on top was chocolate flavour very very chocolicious ♥

Italian ice-cream ♥

since I was eating I couldn't accompany pjing to go shopping in Cotton On you know lah, those NO FOOD sign. hahaha, so I waited for her outside, enjoying my ice-cream hehe!

On the bottom was Strawberry Cheese flavour oh my ♥

after some window shopping we decided to take some picture before leaving,


we were so stupid because we dare not to go up there to take pictures because no one did that. hahaha! but at last we did because some other people went up there and took pictures. Stupid us.

yay us ♥

we asked a passer-by to take a picture for us, but was blurred. nevermind I still love it ♥

Next we walked to the opposite Fahrenheit 88 and after some see see, we took a cab to Sungei Wang hahaha! I never went there too! That was the first time but I didn't like Sungei Wang because it was so hard to shop! Everything was chap pu long.

pjing couldn't get her prom dress. So I suggested her to go hunting in Sunway Pyramid (better right). K lah, without wasting time both of us quickly took a monorail to KL sentral and walked for some distance to KTM station. Took a KTM to Subang Jaya and took a bus to Pyramid. Gosh, very scary tau! I thought the bus was about to u-turn and drop us at Pyramid mana tau he drove all the way down to don't know where then a big U-turn only came back to Pyramid. Freaked me out I thought I was going to lose my way!

I My tummy already beh tahan pjing went to Kitschen to hunt for the dress then I went to buy some food to eat. hehehe, sudah mau pengsan dah. I saw Auntie Anne's aw! Stopped by to buy my favourite Pretzel Cheese omg super cheesylicious slurp!

look at the cheeeese,

there was this very cute thing beside me when I was eating!

Then, I went to meet up with pjing at Kitschen she finally found her dress! ♥ 

Tell me how to cure my big small eyes! T.T

@ Kitschen ♥

okay, then shoe-hunting time! She finally bought her heels in Vincci (okay I don't know how to spell hehe)

The time was already late. We waited for the stupid bus for a long time because of the stupid traffic jam then finally we reached Centro heh heh. Pjing went back to have her dinner with her family while I was waiting for my AHMAD to come and pick me up for like, half an hour? T.T hahaha! nevermind I am a patient girl :P

that's all for that day my legs were about to patah coz walked too much but I was happy ♥ hehe! And, I was very satisfied because I bought an A-necklace my favourite letter! A for Apple and A for A+ wheeeeeeeee!

Girls, when are we going to hang out again? :)

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