Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Exhausted *gasping for air*

Just come home, it's already so near to dinner time.
Add maths really makes me exhausted.

Yeahhh, although I know how to do most of the questions,
but know is know, being careful or not is another matter already.
It will still be very bad if I know all the answers but still being careless.

but so far, the questions I got wrong are all acceptable,
because I don't really know how to do haha!
So I don't mind to have them wrong. but NO careless mistakes please.

Well, day 6 is finally eventually lastly in the end OVER!
I am so happy :D haha! but the coming 3 subjects 9 papers
are going to kill me, tear me apart and burn me into ashes and
vanish in the air T.T HELP! Although I super duper uber hate
those subjects but I must still do well. At least an A-. hahaha.

Stop talking nonsense, go study now is a better option if
I want to achieve my target. I hate you yew shu ping :P


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