Sunday, December 26, 2010

Long Journey

Class Graduation Trip Day 1

We were supposed to meet up at school at 6am if I was not mistaken. and I was supposed to leave home at 5.45am and wake up at 5am like that. Who knew, I had so many morning calls but I never woke up. I woke up only at 5.45am!!!!! super late but luckily! I was not the latest lah! hahahaha, khoon kheng was the pig! :P

Well, it was a long journey from Klang to Pulau Langkawi. Yea, langkawi was the place. I have never been there so was quite excited about it. We had a simple breakfast during the journey. *super not nice can*

Had lunch before reaching too.

Finally, we reached the jeti in the afternoon and waited for our ferry for like one hour!? Nevermind, pictures time!

me, jiawei, tracy ♥

Yati, Chunglun, En, Janice, Me and Tracy ♥ obviously I was eating pringles awww ♥

4.30pm, we got on the ferry and goyang goyang till Langkawi. I hateeeee ferry so not comfortable.

We were staying in Condo Istana, Kuah Town. Not a really nice place but nevermind, I had my friends with me :) After settling down and prepared ourselves, off we went for dinner at Kuah Town by foot.

The meal was not bad :)
my table ♥

After dinner, we had some time to shop around the town and went back to the condo on our own. so I bought some chocolates for myself heh heh mint flavour super nice I ♥ it!

Group pic ♥

I thought I would have fun :)

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