Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today is the first day i really study. -,- is very late i know. Well, i study ALONE. soooo lonely lah. =( actually i can study with a bunch of besties, but due to transportation problems, i can't go to meet them. Grrrrr... How sad. =((((

Then, when i finally can concentrate, two fellows come in. I thought they come to read, but i only heard them talking from the first second they step into the room. Grrrrr... so stupid lah. Don't they know that this is a reading room? And the sign is soo OBVIOUS - silence please! meaning, ask you to shut up.

Both of them talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talkkkkkkk. @.@
Hello, keep quiet for a second boleh tak? -,-

Fineeeeeeeee. At night after class, I go to buy stationery for my sister. The queue is kinda long, so i line up patiently. Suddenly i receive SOMEBODY's phone call asking me to be faster and scolding me for taking so long time to just buy a little thing. Hello, i no need to queue ar? har?

I don't care. After paying for those stupid little things, i go to get my favourite yummilicous secret recipe cheese cakesss. HMPH. I always enjoy eating the cake, but this time, i don't. I realise i am just releasing my anger on the cake, i eat because i am angry. @.@ Sad case.

Yeah. They are SOMEBODY, and i am NOBODY.

My heart is numb already. Stay away from me!

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