Saturday, October 24, 2009

well done sweetheart =D

ah, my sweetheart. =)

lil sista and brotha.

oh, he and his temporary tall "girlfriend" xp

the emcee is so HOT. =)

sister and I.

Little sister.


haha, sista asked me to do this. -,-

After the KIDS mini concert, I received a message from kailing. =) Luckilyyyyy i saw the message early, then only i could meet them at STARBUCKS. =D hahahaha. Actually we planned to study for the remaining subjects there, but ended up we talked and talked and talked. Especially me, my mouth was like the backside of chicken (ji pi gu), talked A LOT lah. xp hahaha. No choice, i guessed i didn't hang out with them for a very long time already. =) a lot to CRAP. hehehe. Only kailing really concentrated on her add maths. =D hahaha. Super good girl.
kailing and pjing =D

ah viv. xp

lastly, kindly present you the picture of my sweetheart again. xp hehehehe.

At night after dinner, went to en's house to bake a cake for Svuenja. Do i spell her name wrongly? Please correct me if i do. Well, I really VERY NOT GOOD in kitchen stuffs, even simple stuffs like breaking an egg, i can do that until like a super duper hard thing. And i was like crashing the egg shell into pieces. The egg yolk is definitely "spoilt". Owhhhhhhh, how failure I am. Don't laugh, it's true. xp hahaha. =x
Had a very pleasant day. =) And, i am not studying, AGAIN. shittyyy. xp

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