Thursday, October 29, 2009

Go hell.

I don't know where to start with.

okay. First, I get back my Biology paper today, finally. =( Omg, i want to curse you BIOLOGY. But, i guess i should be satisfied with that kind of result. At first, i aim to fail that stupid bloody hell subject, but miracle happens. When i look at the planning experiment question, yeah, i am so relieved because i know how to answer. Then, i change my target - to pass. =P haha. And now, I get something more than pass. -,- so, you know lah. hahaha.

the second thing is, i am very dissatisfied with those teachers who think that 4science1 must know everything, must be good at everything, and is super intelligent. WHAT THE HELL is this? 4S1 students are not human? 4S1 students are God? huhhhh? I still remember months ago, Mr.* was teaching in the class. But at that time, we were all so blurred. We wanted to ask question. But before we could do that, he said "don't tell me you don't know this. 4s6 asks this i can understand, but you all, you all SHOULD know." omg, why must we know? If no one taught us, how come we know? We are god ar? know everything? wth.

Then today, the similar thing happen again. I thought Cik.* would be different from the other teachers. But i find that she's actually not. Sigh =( Not only that, Cik.* enters our class today. OMG, she really has a super LOW EQ. -,- She has no emotional-management, she is not considerate enough as a teacher and lastly, she extremely misjudges us. She successfully makes us all FED UP! I seldom scold rude words, but if you hear what she says, you will be pissed off as well.

Sigh. sorry, i am not in a good mood.

*I think biology curses me. =P

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