Thursday, October 22, 2009


OMG OMG OMG. Sigh* Monday night slept at 2am. Tuesday night 3am. And yesterday night 4am. Today? 5am !? NO WAY pleaseeee =(

I am sooo sooo sooo regret to study at the very last minute. -,- Memang padan muka saya. lol.

Recently posts are all about exams. xp lol. No choice, my life currently is all about exams, exams and only exams. =( Nevermind, it's going to end very very soon. =) hahahahaha. Can't wait for tomorrow, the last day of this stupid toughest week. and I am looking forward to the coming of 30th of OCTOBER morning don't know what time d. xp hehehe.

Mum says that my exam results this time are going to experience a deterioration. And, i am going to prove her wrong. ngek ngek. xp hahahaha. IMPOSSIBLE lah.

I never aim too high, because i know my own grade too much well.

All the best buddies =) and God Bless Me. Thank You =D

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