Monday, October 5, 2009

I have to say

My mood isn't good today. =( Today is the last day of schooling for this week, meaning, i really really need to start studying already. But, i am still procrastinating like anything. Urgh. i feel like i'm a failure, 4s1 failure. I really want to give up in this class and switch to vivian's class next year, but is this worth it? lollll. I don't know. She says she always welcome me to her class. xp hahaha.

I have the intuition that my results this year will be like S.H.I.T. because i know my revision progress is clearly too slow and useless. Urgh, first time, i wish i can graduate cepat cepat. xp haha. i know, studying is the easiet thing in life, but still, i want to complain!!! =P hahaha. Bad bad me. Anyway, i am still blogging here just because i don't want to study. blehhh =P i open my text book, then start to daydream for at least ten minutes, then sleep for a while, then look myself in the mirror and search for irritating pimples, then gone crazy for a while, then ... bla bla bla. I do everything but studying. hahaha.

God help me. =( NO, i need to help myself but i just feel so helpless lah. No fun at all. -,- zzz.

All the Best !

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