Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tanglungs =)

Yesterday afternoon, i was doing the bloody hell confusing add maths. I am not a pro in it. I did and erase, did and erase again, did and erase again, memang banyak gerammmm !! then, i accidentally broke my mechanical pencil due to my anger. =P =( this pencil has been with me since i was in primary school, yorr, so sad lah.

although it's still usable, it's no longer perfect. xp

After my class, then only i went to zy's house. =) He just moved into a new house. =) Something super unpleasant happened and it really pissed me off !

small head. xp

wei leong and yung wen. =)

rongkai the PIG.

en and tracy. =D

si fei po. xD

weileong =) he's really generous lah.

wahahaha. xp

i was dreaming i think. -,-


sien was showing me her number. xp

shhhh =x you know what we did.

bk and weileong.

aiyor yor, chubbby sangat.

i wonder why boys like to pose like that?

Jangan kacau I. @.@

i said: give me my camera!!

en and i =D

attackkk !

After g******g, we headed to the lake behind his house.

what a romantic night. xp

full moon night. =)
beautiful tanglungs. =)


sien. xp

without flash.

candle on a leave on the lake.

I love this picture.

I don't like fire. =P

group picture.
from the left, weileong, yungwen, boonkeong, rongkai, zhangyik, eric, tracy, sien and I. =)

eric's retarded posture. xp

the six guys.

wei leong was not in lah.

bk, you need to gain weight.

shuping, tracy, en =DDD

three PAIRS.

big girls. =)

looking at the beautiful moon that night.

there were total of nine of us. =)

GAY. x_____x
ahhh, so hang fuk.
you jump, i jump.

tracy and en.

at his new sweet home =D
I was happy with friends. =)
Thank you =)

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