Monday, October 26, 2009

I don't understand.

When somebody really treats you good, it's no harm treating people good in the same way, right?

But, sometimes, I really don't understand. Aiyaaa, forget about it.

Well, today I get to know my chemistry mark. =D SUPER SATISFIED. THANK YOU TEACHER !!! hehehe. =) I improve. teeheee. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. ps : I am not showing off, i am just feeling very happy. =) Thank you. =)

Next, today is my germany classmate - SVENJA's birthday. =) hehehehe. the whole class celebrate her birthday together. =) En brings the cake there and it's yummilicious, tastier than the previous one. xp hehe. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again. =)

All the best in the remaining days. =)

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