Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Lol, this morning, i oversleep !!!! -,- When my aunty's car reaches my house d, then only my maid wakes me up. -,- But, i'm still unprepared. No choice, i have to tumpang my brother's car. so sorry. =(

Yesterday slept at three in the morning, i knew i couldn't wake up but i still thought that i could, ended up, i COULDN'T. xp hahaha.

* * *

Well, both of the papers today are H.A.R.D. Do NOT ever says "S1 students lah, no need to study also can ace the subjects one." Stupid saying. -,-

Sigh, i need to study like an orang gila for tomorrow's papers already. =( SAD. Last minute revision really KILLS me. Padan muka saya. xD

God Bless Me Please. =) Thank Youuuu =D

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