Friday, October 30, 2009


Well well well, today is the END of all these suffers and tortures. bwahahaha ! Actually, when i finally hand in the mathematic answer sheet, i don't feel like very exciting. I'm just, normal. Maybe i don't put much effort in this exam, therefore i feel very NORMAL.

Today i get to know some of the papers' results. Umm, i can only conclude that, all of them are moderate, just MODERATE. to me, is very okay already but to my mum, owh, so lousy. =( hahaha. xp parents like to compete, i don't know why. Hello, don't compete me with those super diligent people lah. xp

And, a good news today !!!!!!! super good news. =) I get super satisfied result for my add maths paper 2. woooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo !!! i jump and utter a cry of happiness, satisfaction and excitement. =D hahaha. I never expect i can do well although i know how to do. xp because you know lah, sometimes here a bit careless mistakes, there a bit stupid mistakes, then the marks will be terribly deducted. and so luckily, i know how to answer paper 2, don't know how to answer paper 1. how stupid. -,- luckily my paper 2 can save the latter. xp haha. THANK YOU =DDDDDDDDDD thank you so much!

I am just so happy. =) I am NOT showing off yah guys. And, wish the very best luck to all my besties, buddies and classmates. =)

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