Thursday, May 7, 2009

Whee wang wang !

hahaha. I stay back after school, thinking that I am going to be bored to hell in the afternoon. Then, PJ and KC offer me to join them at kp - group study !!! =) hehehehe. Of course I want to follow them lor, because at home, I seldom touch the book, almost NEVER. =P Then we follow PCF's car there. Thanksie =) hahaha.

There, I have a pleasant time with them =))) hehehe. So happyyyyy !! It has been a very long time since we last time came out. We just study quite a little and then we start to become kiiiiii siaooo =P hahaha. Really siao posss. hehe. But, it's fun to be with them =D hahaha.

Guys, I feel so glad to have you all by my side. hahaha. Friendship forever. =) wheee !! *i'm still thinking about the dabian and houjie larr* xD hahahahahaha.

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