Friday, May 29, 2009

Best of Luck !

hehehe. guys, don't say I *mou yi hei* xD

I'm here to wish cadet team the BEST of LUCK in their national competition tomorrow. =) hahaha. Actually i want to support you all there, but i really don't want to stay overnight at PULAPO. xD hahaha. so, all the best. I wish that all of you can get what you want. but remember, work as a team =D hahaha. You make us proud. wahahahahaha. xD

not to forget, Happy sweeet 16 to you NH. =D hahaha. and sorry i am not able to celebrate with you guys tomorrow. =P hehehehe. enjoy !!!



  1. i so so regretted supporting them!!
    hk, hg and me got tricked! lol.