Friday, May 29, 2009

Teacher's day.

Lolx, today is the first time i get myself involve in the teacher's day. =P

Hand-made =)

hahaha, i'm glad that i can help. but, i don't help much. xD hahahaha.

owhe, the happy TBC. =D

form 3 subject teacher. miss her pronounciation.

hahaha. our beloved teachers. =D

har ? what ? xD

erhem * >, <

awww, one pretty one sweet =P

kita mesti bermoral lar =D

i miss the teachers !! xD

see how cute she is =D

yes class ??? ...... OR ..... OR .....

thanks to her. I can do simple maths. =D

spot our singer ? the second from left. so enjoying.

there she is. =D
nothing much for today. because, friday is the day of TUITION. ='(

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