Thursday, May 28, 2009


hahaha. Hang out with my 6s buddies after exam yesterday. Hmmmmmm, hope our friendship will be everlasting ! hahaha. =)

I knew everyone of them since about five years ago. Last time i was a very shy and quiet person, and now with them, I can be as noisy as i want, as sampat as i can. xD hahahaha.

Of course not to forget my buddies in secondary school. =D the gang of sampat poooo. xD hahaha. Undeniably, part of my sampat-ness comes from THEM ! hahaha. xD and I love the GirlFriends. A lot a lot a LOT.

YEAHHHHHH =) i've planned for my two weeks holiday. I plan everything, but not anything about studies. lolxxx =x

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