Friday, May 22, 2009

NO more daydream.

Lolx. recently have a lot of things need to be done. Quite busy, and there's no time for me daydream of my perfect life. xD hahahaha.

Studying for exam. hahaha. hardworking leh. =P

*pictures from jh's blog*

everyone was so concentrate ... except the dreamer. *haih, hopeless* xD

hahaha. this is better. =) and, spot the long and nice hair ? owh, i am so envy =P

hmm, this cost me alot. =( hahaha, but nevermind. this is the first time i spent money on starbucks coffee. =x
Had a pleasant with them. =) hahaha. Love them so much. hehehehehe. I hope tomorrow i can join them but too bad, i need to attend COURSE. GRRRRR ;@ suan * looking forward to hang out with you guys. =D hahaha.
Good luckkkk ! to you guys, and to myself of course. =)

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