Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy hour's coming !

hohohoho =D hahaha. Today is the second last day of the mid-term examination. Not really feeling stressed this time, haha. because daddy told me mid-term exam ba liao ma !!! not SPM also. No need to read so hard. woohoooo xD how kind is he, to let me relaxxxx. hahaha. but anyway, of course i will do my best and get the best result for myself. =)

Tomorrow is the last paper, and the most dead paper i will be confronting. =P ohhhhhh, how am i going to finish the 5 chapters revision within four hours time?? and moreover, i hate science so much. Biology is inclusive of course.

Gambateh larrr. hehe =) happy hour is coming soon !!! it's 18 hours later 8-)


  1. lol! BC was harder than bio! i think i am gonna fail my BC but pass my bio. i never thought that i was so bad in BC! =(