Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lousy cook.

Today mummy comes back late. And i need to help to prepare the dinner. Owhhhhh, i never stay in the kitchen for so long hours. =( Okay first, kakak asks me to slice the ginger. Urgh, hard eh. *don't laugh please xD the shape of the sliced ginger should be thin and long. And, what i cut is fat and short. -,- so weird. whatever, as long as they can be eaten. hahaha.

Then, i need to peel off the skin of the potatoes. I take fifteen minutes to do that, then i just walk away from the kitchen. when i come back after a minute, omg, another two potatoes are peeled. -,- zzz. Now i know how slow i am. I also cut the vegetables and wash them. It takes a long time. -,- aha.

If my future husband asks me to cook, i will definitely protessssss !!! xD I seriously need to improve myself.

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