Thursday, August 27, 2009

I've to put the blame on myself.

Today, i skip tuition class again. -,- and that's a chemistry class. OMG OMG OMG. know why ? just because my stupid clock appears fifteen minute later than the exact time, and i haven't get myself prepared when tracy comes to fetch me. I don't like people wait for me, so i just ask her to go there first and i'll find alternative there.

Mummy asks me to go there on foott alone. -,- YERRRR, i don't want. so, i decide to skip that class. =( how sad. Actually today mummy wants me to attend a leadership camp at kepong, but i promise her that i will not skip classes this time and she let me to stay at home. who knows, i still skip class. @.@

I text him and he replies me "you just make me so speechless." -,- yea, i can't blame anyone, who asks me to be so stupid and never read the correct time?

*actually, i am quite happy because i no need to go for tuition class, bwahaha ! but i just feel so guilty beside my happiness. * evil girl. xD shhh =x

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