Monday, August 24, 2009


It's a great experience. I starve for 30 hours to feel how the poor is feeling. I really pity them. I realize how lucky i am to consume enough chemical energy and live in a perfect house, with sufficient supply of clean water and electricity. I can bathe whenever i want, I can just switch the aircond on whenever i want too. Soooooo lucky. I should be contented then =)

Well, i was late on the first day. HAHAHA. i set my stupid useless alarm at 7.00 am, informed my maid to wake me up at 8.00am because viv was coming at 9.00am. Who knows, this PIG overslept AGAIN. -,- everytime also like that. *Sigh* Luckily jh could fetch me there, thanked to him.

Um, we played games and enjoyed the mini concert. Quite fun =D hahaha. Not regret joining the event. hehehehe. The next day we went to bukit jalil putra indoor stadium for 30 hour famine countdown event, wooott ! there were nearly 7000 campers in the stadium. We were lucky to sit at the middle right in front of the stage. I didn't want to sit on the floor, if not i was going to have flat butts. xD hahaa. The concert started, and my hunger became more and moreeeee kaolat. -,- I wished the time could go faster so that i could get to eat. =x hahaha. xD

I was so H.I.G.H, especially when the super star ah-mei came on the stage. LOVE HER so much. I was so touched to see her helping the poors in India and spreading her love there. OH. Finally, 30 hours were over. And we got to drink V-soy as our break-fast meal. Yerrr, i never like V-soy but that was the first time i loved it. bwahaha.

After that, we went back to school by bus. I fell asleep in the bus. ------------ when i opened my eyes, i saw kwang hua. xD hahaha. Then, we all were so hungry and walked to station one immediately to have our late dinner. Alamak, the service was not very good, i have to say. =( I waited for sooo long and finally, i got to eat. I don't know why, this time, I couldn't eat a lot although i've been very hungry. Haha. then hy's sister fetched me home. THANK YOU. =)

it's worth starving. =D

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