Saturday, August 1, 2009

It is better than the expected.

Today, it's not bad, for me. =) hehehehe. Because i expected the situation to be not so many people and it turned out to be a lot betterrrr =D hahahaha. UNEXPECTED ! And, i was sooo nervous when it was my turn to perform. gosh, i never perform well k. Actually i learn dancing for the sake of keeping fit only, so i am very lousy in performing. =x haih* nevermind, it's over and became the history.

I love my hair today =D but i hate my face. -,- zzz.

Anyway, chit chatted with viv at her house. =) hahahaha. xD feel so good. Dearest darling, don't be too saddd okay =) I'll be supporting you alwayssss.

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