Thursday, August 6, 2009

Aww, relaxxx =)

Today will be the happiest school day i have ever had. =) hehehehe. I only have ONE period of mathematics and others are freeeee =D we play lame games. xD I do my homeworks too, 1/10 completed. haha. I chit chat with friends, loiter around in the school =x ahahahaha. It is considered very relaxing compared to the normal schooldays.

But i still cannot give my day a Hundred marks because i am going to have science subjects tuition classes later. ishhhhh, sooo SAD. =( i really hate science, my mum agree to change me to art, but nobody supports me. LOL, maybe it's good to be in my current class. *-) anybody thinks that i should switch to art stream? =) hehehe. do kindly leave me a comment, thanks. ^^

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