Saturday, April 9, 2011

Who don't love Fridays!

It's Friday again! heh heh heh. My favourite day of the week. :) 

Well, had a good lunch with my buddies at Ohana in college. You know what, the situation was soo funny! The waiter actually asked if there were only the three of us after taking our orders. 

Waiter: "well, there are only three of you?"
Waiter: "oh then you girls must be very hungry!"

-,- whattttt. hahahahahaha! LMAO. He actually thought that we ordered a lot and we were not conscious about it until the food came. The food portion was so super huge lah. Three of us actually ate for like rm73! @@ Got to save more money next weeeek. 

Went home after Be_ADP meeting and well, I don't go home straight on Fridays. Of course I should have some good times after one whole damn miserable week. So, as usual, I went for a movie. I didn't choose the movie, instead. I chose anything which had the best time. 

In the end I bought the movie ticket for "Don't Go Breaking My Heart". Well, I thought it would be suck since the last cantonese movie I watched - Men Suddenly In Love was like sucksssssssss to the max man. So I didn't expect much from this movie. 

But you know what, THE MOVIE WAS AWESOME! awesome awesome awesome! *for me lah* It was so sweeeet and romantic and it just superly touched my heart. My god I think my heart melted already. hahahaha! The guys were soooo sweet. They actually did so many little little detailed stuffs to propose to the woman. It was really sweet. I bet in reality nobody would ever do that. So I told myself, I wouldn't get myself married until I met someone like them! which is, IMPOSSIBLE. hahahaha! 

The best thing he did which was really really sweet was when he wanted to propose to the girl. He made the ring disappeared in the ring box. He actually put the ring between pages in a dictionary under the light so that she could see a love shadow. and beside the ring was the word MARRY in the dictionary. He highlighted the sentence, WOULD YOU MARRY ME? Aw. 

He is really loyal. I think the girl has made a good choice, brilliant choice! 

I kept laughing and smiling in the theatre. Omg it was just so sweet although I was watching the movie alone I didn't feel lonely at all. :) 


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