Monday, April 25, 2011


I like this old-looking picture! :)))) 

Happy Birthday Ennnnnnn! :D


Well, this week is my final exam week. Well, week sounds stressful, DAYS! :D Apparently, I only have to sit for exam for freaking two days! and luckily, mine are on monday and tuesday :) very niceee timetable! heh heh. I pity those who have exams on Friday. They can't enjoy until the end of the week, damn sien one. 

Have my Calculus I final exam this morning! Hoooorayyyy I love Mr.Thiaga I tell you! He's the best lecturer liao because the questions he set are easy :P but I still get some wrong. eeeesh, that's my problem lah obviously. I love him lah :D hahaha! 

Dead tomorrow, I still have 16 chapters to go. Believe me, it's really 16 chaptersss! I plan to skip the textbook and read only the powerpoints because I am really lacking of time. :S shit liao. 

Go study deyyyy. After tomorrow, I am a whole new bird flying energetically in the skyyy woohooo! damn shuang, I can already imagine the feeling of me released from the cage. Yeeehaaaaa! :) 


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